Patrick Hübschmann

Photographer, Graphic-Designer and Web-Developer, living in Baden-Baden, Black Forest, Germany. I started taking photos in the mid-eighties with a dusty old cam from the attic. I like Black and White and the look of old photos and movies. Beside Music and Painting, photography has always been part of my creative life. Most of my images are taken digital, but I still use analog cams from time to time. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me: pat@phuebschmann.de

Some comments on my work by others:

"German photographer Patrick Hübschmann has built a reputation for creating strong, soulful images that explore the deeper emotion behind a scene. When I came across his work, it instantly jumped out at me as being a source of great inspiration. His unique creativity is found in every image, with each one being a visual journey filled with emotion and heightened with drama."
Christopher O'Donnell, photographyblogger.net

"Hübschmann's subdued, almost monochromatic, images seem like the perfect backdrop for a dark fairy tale filled with otherworldly characters. It's as though something supernatural is expected to pop out from behind the trees or creep its way out of the murky waters. The misty fog over each landscape and the frigid color palette of whites, grays, and blues only heighten their gloomy yet beautiful appeal."

"..magical places that could easily be inhabited by mythical creatures like fairies and nymphs. Winter has never looked as beautiful. Of course, it is still as cold and unforgiving as ever."
Meghan Young, trendhunter.com

"..If I had to pick a mythological place for the evil sprite Jack Frost to live, I’m sure he would rule this land as his own personal kingdom."
Annie Churdar/Neyeni.net

"It happens very seldom that a photographer has such a perfect eye to capture nature with all it’s authentic beauty. Impressing!"
Franzi, My so-called Luck